Gang Luo – China

I studied at HLIC for 2 months, I was in UBP class which is for students who is about to enter university. The course focuses on academic writing and reading. After I completed my semester, my writing skill has been significantly improved. My instructor taught me how to write a thesis statement and how to make an essay well-structured which was quite useful for my later university study. In addition, the outdoor activities that we had every week gave us the opportunity to experience and understand the local culture. Also, all the staff in HLIC tried their best to help us dealing with culture shock, so we were able to be more adaptive living in Halifax. Other than that, I really appreciate that HLIC found me the perfect homestay. It is well-located, the transportation is good. My host family was really nice, not only did they help me with my daily life, such as cooked me authentic Canadian food, but treated me like a family and had me involved in their life. Though I moved out after I entered university, we stay in touch. They invite me to dinner from time to time, we built a really good connection. I love my homestay family. Overall, HLIC has brought me unforgettable memories and experiences, I love everything there, and I cherish all the connections that I have with it.


Halifax is a safe and historic city. Our school is on Spring Garden Road, a bustling main street home to some of the city’s best pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques as well as cultural festivals and parades. Highlights within easy walking distance of the school include Halifax Public Gardens, Halifax Central Library, St. Mary’s Basilica, The Oval, The Halifax Commons, Halifax Citadel and the Halifax Metro Centre.

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