Shimizu – Japan

At HLIC I made many wonderful friends from many countries such as Colombia, Mexico, China, and Korea. I was a little worried whether I can speak English with my new friends because in Japan I didn’t have much chances to speak in English. However I noticed that we can communicate if we have strong feelings that I want to tell or share things with others, even if my English skills are not perfect. I shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes even if I don’t know the English grammar and pronunciation. It's the way to learn!


Halifax is a safe and historic city. Our school is on Spring Garden Road, a bustling main street home to some of the city’s best pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques as well as cultural festivals and parades. Highlights within easy walking distance of the school include Halifax Public Gardens, Halifax Central Library, St. Mary’s Basilica, The Oval, The Halifax Commons, Halifax Citadel and the Halifax Metro Centre.

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