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Student Testimonials

HLIC Student Review

Saito – Japan

I love Halifax, the nature is so amazing, I went to lakes, beaches, and Peggy’s Cove, I love it so much! Also, I’m surprised and impressed by HLIC, everyone here is so respectful to others and other cultures. [At HLIC] I noticed the importance of dialogue which made me realize some new perspectives and cultural differences. Seeing things from different directions led me to broaden my viewpoints. Learning in Canada, a diverse country, I discovered that people in this country value the idea of respecting others. They enjoyed interacting with various kinds of people by changing “differences” between different cultures into “learning new things.”

Susana-Halifax Language School Student Review

Susana – Colombia

I would like to thanks HLIC for the opportunity of taking these amazing (online) classes. Teacher Cheryl was very friendly, fun, and very clear in her explanations. Also, I enjoyed meeting people from other countries, which made the experience more interesting. Classes' content is very helpful you learn so much in a very short time.

Lucia Shizue Halifax Language School Student Review

Lucia Shizue – Brazil/Japan

I learned more than I expected from my study. I am not familiar with technology and every time that I had problems with it, my teacher and classmates helped me a lot. Before starting the course I was a little afraid about the teacher, classmates and how it will work. But, after it started, I felt relieved because my teacher is very kind and she explained the content interestingly and clearly, and easy to follow. Classes in my time zone were at night, from 9pm to 1:30am, and there was not a single class that I felt bored. The teacher was always interested in how we were feeling during the class. In my opinion, this was an important point for my performance in the course.

Jorge- Halifax Language School Student Review

Jorge – Mexico

HLIC was a really amazing experience because I improved my English and my teachers were always there to help me. I really enjoyed studying in HLIC. All the staff were always smiling, so I felt like it was a little family. Thank you HLIC!

Lucia Shizue Halifax Language School Student Review gang luo

Gang Luo – China

I studied at HLIC for 2 months, I was in UBP class which is for students who is about to enter university. The course focuses on academic writing and reading. After I completed my semester, my writing skill has been significantly improved. My instructor taught me how to write a thesis statement and how to make an essay well-structured which was quite useful for my later university study. In addition, the outdoor activities that we had every week gave us the opportunity to experience and understand the local culture. Also, all the staff in HLIC tried their best to help us dealing with culture shock, so we were able to be more adaptive living in Halifax. Other than that, I really appreciate that HLIC found me the perfect homestay. It is well-located, the transportation is good. My host family was really nice, not only did they help me with my daily life, such as cooked me authentic Canadian food, but treated me like a family and had me involved in their life. Though I moved out after I entered university, we stay in touch. They invite me to dinner from time to time, we built a really good connection. I love my homestay family. Overall, HLIC has brought me unforgettable memories and experiences, I love everything there, and I cherish all the connections that I have with it.

Lucia Shizue Halifax Language School Student Review Iran Shabnam

Shabnam – Iran

It was such a pleasing experience to me, taking a UBP course in HLIC. I had a great chance to meet students from other parts of the world, getting to know their cultures and communicate with them throughout the two-month UBP course. Teachers and other HLIC team members were dedicated and helpful to cater my educational needs. They helped me to improve my reading, writing and critical thinking skills as well as all the methods of academic research and essay-writing that are needed later on when I step into college. I have found UBP as stepping stones to my future success and recommend it to anyone who is going to further study in university or college. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you, HLIC team members!

rob hlic.png

Rob – Brazil

The time that I was studying in the school was a significant learning experience that I will carry for my entire life. At this school I could find cozy study rooms, attentive and patient teachers, fun activities and that the best method to learn English is to practice day by day. Halifax Language Institute of Canada was not only a school for me, it was a second home, because I felt comfortable and confident to learn and practice English.

HLIC Germany.jpg

Philip – Germany

The Business English Class at HLIC was the best English class I've ever had. It was a really great experience. The classes are very small and the atmosphere is very warm. The teachers are well prepared and do really care about you. It's very personal and customized. I can highly recommend Halifax city and HLIC for English classes in Canada.


Sebnem – Turkey

It is a very beautiful experience for me to come to this school. I have had very happy times with the people here and I have been very nice friends alike. I have been so happy here. I learned many things about language but not only language I had very diverse experiences. Thank you for everything HLIC.


Yura – Korea

I took pathway programs at HLIC from May to end of June 2016. Even I was there for a short period, I can tell and guarantee that HLIC is the right place to achieve your goals in learning English. During the time, I have learned so much from them such as how to write an essay and how to make a successful presentation. Those experiences helped me a lot in my school life. I am currently in my last semester at the college and I think the time at HLIC has made me where I am now.

HLIC Shiz.jpg

Shimizu – Japan

At HLIC I made many wonderful friends from many countries such as Colombia, Mexico, China, and Korea. I was a little worried whether I can speak English with my new friends because in Japan I didn’t have much chances to speak in English. However I noticed that we can communicate if we have strong feelings that I want to tell or share things with others, even if my English skills are not perfect. I shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes even if I don’t know the English grammar and pronunciation. It's the way to learn!


Nianhua – China

I have learned a lot of academic knowledge related to my future university study, for example, APA format and I also learned how to write academic essays and how to use kinds of resources around us, such as libraries and some useful search engines. Charlotte helps me a lot. She is really more than a qualified teacher. she is a perfect teacher. She always makes full preparations for her classes and corrects our homework carefully. I love Charlotte and her classes. Presentation is not easy for me, but Charlotte helps me a lot, which makes me able to complete a good presentation. All of those we have learned from HLIC, I believe, will be very helpful in our upcoming study in high school or university. Another thing I want to mention is Student of The Month. That is definitely an encouragement to me because that is to recognize and honor my efforts. It's really a surprising reward because in China we usually choose to encourage and reward children, not the adults, especially when children and adults are both candidates. 

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