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Independent Living

Image by Patrick Perkins

Living on your own can be an exciting, and sometimes challenging, adventure.


This option is only available to students 19+, who are prepared to completely live on their own without any help for cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, etc.  When you live on your own expenses can vary. Sometimes these expenses can be shared if you have roommates.


Take a look at the suggested budget below:

  • $600- $1000 for a house or apartment with roommates.

  • $800 – $1200 for a bachelor or 1 bedroom apartment.

  • Internet $100 per month

  • Electric $40-$60 per month

  • Water & Heat are included in most apartment rentals

  • Parking $100-$200 per month (if not provided by your landlord)

  • Some places come with furniture, but most do not, so you will have to buy all your own furniture (bed, couch, desk, lamps, tv’s, etc).

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