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Independent Living

This option is only available to students 19+, who are prepared to completely live on their own without any help for cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, etc.  When you live on your own expenses can vary. Sometimes these expenses can be shared if you have roommates. This option is most popular with older students (30+), students with previous experience living abroad in Canada, or those moving to Canada with dependents (spouse, children).


This is the estimated budget for independent living (not in the downtown area), per month:

  • Room in a shared house or apartment (living with roommates): $600- $1000 

  • Studio/Bachelor or 1 bedroom apartment: $1000 – $2000 

  • Internet: $100 per month

  • Utilities (electric, water, heat) (for 1 person): $170 

  • Parking: $100-$200  (if not provided by your landlord) 

Living in Downtown Halifax is more expensive than the price estimates listed above. 

Fully furnished apartments and rooms are available but are more expensive. Otherwise, you will be responsible for purchasing, transporting, and setting up your own furniture. 

Most rental leases are for 1 year, with the option to renew the lease annually. 

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