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Health & Safety

Image by Chen Liu

Health Insurance in Canada

As an international student in Canada you are required to have Health Insurance. HLIC has chosen the most reputable, feasible and accessible Health Insurance provider for students as our service provider. Your Health fee will be approximately $2 CAD a day and will cover your health needs including doctor and hospital visits, prescription medication (up to a 30 day supply), and emergency hospital visits and transportation.

Safety in Halifax

Halifax has large university and family populations, with strict laws against violence, harassment and discrimination. HLIC upholds these standards on campus and all HLIC students are expected to abide by local laws while they study in Canada.

Canadian Laws for Your Safety

Laws vary in every country. Please see the list below for common Canadian laws students must abide by. If you witness a crime please contact local authorities. If you are unsure about what actions to take or need language support please consult with HLIC for guidance.


  • The legal drinking age in Canada is 19 years old. You cannot enter a bar or buy alcohol if you are not 19. If you are caught providing alcohol for people under 19 (including hosting a party with underage guests) you can face serious punishment. 

  • You cannot drink alcohol in public at any age. You cannot be overly intoxicated in public.


Tobacco and Cannabis (Marijuana)

  • The legal age to use and buy nicotine or cannabis products is 19 years old. If you are caught providing nicotine or cannabis products for people under 19 (including hosting a party with underage guests) you can face serious punishment. 

  • Smoking is prohibited in public spaces including indoors (including restaurants, bars, shops, public streets, parks).

  • If you choose to smoke please do so at designated smoking areas or on approved private property.

  • Cannabis is legal in Canada. Any person may use cannabis in the same areas where tobacco is approved.

  • Cannabis is legal to purchase from government-approved locations. It is illegal to purchase cannabis from individuals.


  • NEVER HAVE A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH ANY PERSON UNDER THE AGE OF 16 (if you are 19+). This includes dating, sending or receiving sexual texts/emails & photos.

  • NEVER touch someone in an inappropriate way without their consent. This includes at bars/parties you attend. 

  • If someone says NO, ‘I don’t feel like it’, ‘I’m not comfortable’ etc OR is overly intoxicated/asleep NEVER touch or force sexual actions. This is considered rape and is taken VERY seriously.

General Behaviour

  • You cannot urinate in public. 

  • You cannot use hateful/discriminatory language against people (ie: racism, sexism, homophobia, negative stereotyping about a person’s country of origin, religion, sexual identity, etc). 

  • Theft of any amount, from a business or person, is a crime.

  • Destruction of property, public or private, is a crime.

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