Diversity, inclusion and respect make HLIC a great place to study English abroad.

We value and honour diverse experiences and perspectives, create a welcoming and respectful learning environment, and promote access, opportunity and equality for all. HLIC is committed to educating our students with the global community in mind. Canada is a demographically diverse country, welcoming all people to celebrate their individuality in a safe environment.

The following are examples of our diversity initiatives:

  • First Nations in Canada: Language, culture, history and acknowledgement. At HLIC students will participate in additional First Nations language and cultural activities during their studies.
  • LGBTQ2SIA+: Support, inclusion, and celebrations. HLIC staff and students represent a wide variety of gender identities and sexual orientations and is a safe environment for all students. Students are strongly encouraged to learn about Canadian/global LGBTQ2SIA+ rights and participate in local Pride events.
  • Global Cultures, Ethnicities and Religions: Students will have classmates and teachers with an array of religious/other beliefs, cultural backgrounds, traditions and celebrations. At HLIC, we incorporate events and activities for our students to have authentic and educational cultural experiences. 
    • January: Martin Luther King Jr. week
    • January/February: Lunar New Year
    • February: African American History Month
    • March: Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day, Earth hour
    • April: Earth Day
    • June: National Indigenous History Month
    • August: National Acadian Day
    • October: Thanksgiving, Halloween
    • November: Remembrance Day
    • December: Hanukkah, Christmas
    • Other events at HLIC include Easter, Ramadan/Eid
  • Politics: HLIC provides a safe space for students to learn about and discuss local and global political issues.