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Updates in regards to Coronaviris (COVID-19): HLIC is committed to bringing students quality learning experiences, maintaining a high level of academic infrastructure and providing the expert instructors that students have come to expect from us. In order to support this commitment, tuition fees and policies will not change in the circumstance where we are obligated to deliver our programs in one or more alternative formats as a result of events that are beyond our reasonable control, such as- acts of war, terrorism, pandemics, illnesses, viruses, epidemics, governmental mandates, regulations, labour shortages/strikes, or other factors affecting our ability to provide safe instruction to our student population on campus.

The decision to move to alternative formats for everyone as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic was considered and done in the interest of the student and public safety and to comply with Canadian Government laws. As the result, the way in which education is delivered has been affected, but it does not affect the standard of our program. 

Written Notice of Withdrawal: To initiate a refund, written notice must be provided by a student to Halifax Language Institute of Canada, stating his/her conditions for withdrawal.

Refund entitlement: Refund entitlement is calculated by the registrar and is based on the total fees due under the registration agreement, less the applicable non-refundable fees and service charges of the financial service/institution that processes the refund. Where total fees have not yet been collected, Halifax Language Institute is not responsible for refunding more than has been collected to date. All refunds will be processed on the Canadian side within 14 days, unless otherwise advised.

1. All tuition payments received before March 2020: If a student is declined admission to Canada, HLIC will refund all money paid less registration fee and related financial charges from the bank for sending the funds to and from each account. A letter from IRCC must be presented, along with a refund request, to begin the refund process. For all IRCC visa refusals given after March 2020, our school currently has virtual classes and attendance in person is not mandatory, student registration is therefore to be assumed for virtual classes.
2. Students who cancel before the start date: Students who cancel on the Friday before the start date will receive a refund of all fees minus a 20% cancellation fee on the total amount paid. All related financial charges from the bank will also be deducted from the refund.
3. Students who withdraw within the first week of classes have until 12pm on the on the first Friday of the semester to withdraw from the course. Students will receive a 65% refund on the tuition fees only. All other fees will be retained (health insurance, books, activities fee, homestay/residence, etc), along with all non-refundable deposits (application, homestay, etc.)
4. Students who withdraw after 12pm on the first Friday of the semester will not be entitled to any refund.
5. Students who are expelled from the school or suspended from studies resulting in non-completion of the course are not entitled to refund. This includes dismissal for behavioural reasons, attitude, or attendance.
6. Students withdrawing from any 2+2-type program are not entitled to any form of refund.
7. No refunds are granted on any visa renewal fees.
8. No refunds are granted on residence fees.
9. No refunds are granted on homestay fees, except in the case of early graduation from the UBP program.

Executive Director retains the right to waive the cancellation fee at its sole discretion.

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