LGBTQ+Inclusivity at HLIC

HLIC is a proud supporter of our LGBTQ+ students, staff, and community. We believe that as teachers and as a learning institution we have the moral obligation to not only create an inclusive learning environment but to educate our students on social issues and encourage discussions and exploration.

In the Classroom

Inclusivity starts at the top of any organization. We provide our staff with training and materials to support them in supporting our students. In the classroom teachers create an inclusive space by including LGBTQ+ learning materials & topics with an emphasis on understanding and representation.

A Safe Environment

At HLIC, we have a 0-tolerance bullying policy. We give our students the knowledge and language tools they need to express their ideas and opinions, including teaching why some words/phrases and views are hurtful. With our smaller class sizes, teachers are able to build strong relationships with their students and ensure a safe and inclusive classroom environment.


Students will find a variety of LGBTQ+ material proudly displayed in the common areas and classrooms at HLIC. Through their lessons, the teachers will draw on LGBTQ+ topics, teach gender-neutral language and make sure every student feels welcomed, safe and heard.

Taking Action

Social issues, social justice, and global human rights are at the core of HLIC’s company culture. We act on these beliefs by regularly engaging with local organizations, rallies, events, non-profits, and guest speakers.