Programs & Study Visa
1. What is the current study schedule for English classes?
9:00 am -1:30 pm Halifax time, Monday-Friday.
2. Does HLIC offer part-time English programs?
Yes. HLIC currently offers a part-time program for our UBP course. This course covers the same material as the full-time program. The study hours per week are (12.5), half of the full-time program. This course is 16 weeks. Of those 12.5 hours, 10.5 are live, in-person time. The other 2.5 hours per week consist of asynchronous study modules and access to office hours with the instructor.
It meets from 6:30 pm – 10 pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
These days/times may be adjusted based on the scheduling needs of enrolled students.
3. What is the minimum length of study for obtaining a study visa?
In order to be granted a Canadian study visa, a student must be enrolled at HLIC for at least 6 months.
4. Can a Jr. high school or high school-aged student (under 18 years old) study English at HLIC?
Yes, Jr. high school and high school students can study at HLIC.
5. Do your online programs offer the same certification as your in-person ones? 
Yes. Our online courses are taught by the same instructors and use the same curriculum and materials. The only difference is that the course is taken online.
6. Does HLIC teach American or British English?
British English is what is primarily taught in the Canadian education system. HLIC primarily uses British English. Both British and American English are acceptable at most post-secondary learning institutions.