Living on your own can be an exciting, and sometimes challenging, adventure. This option is only available to students 19+, who are prepared to completely live on their own without any help for cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, etc.  When you live on your own expenses can vary. Sometimes these expenses can be shared if you have roomates. Take a look at the suggested budget below:

Apartment budget:

  • $500- $1000 for a house or apartment with roommates.
  • $800 – $1200 for a bachelor or 1 bedroom apt.
  • Internet $100 per month
  • Electric $30-$50 per month
  • Water & Heat are included in most apartment rentals
  • Parking $100-$200 per month (if not provided by your landlord)
  • Some places come with furniture, but most do not, so you will have to buy all your own furniture (bed, couch, desk, lamps, tv’s, etc).

Remember, HLIC will also help you set up your own bank account and make a cell phone account for you at no extra charge. We also offer airport pick up at a rate of $80.00 one way.

For You Newcomer Agency: If you would like help finding an apartment, we can suggest the services of a local business who has helped several of our students in the past. They are fluent in English and Mandarin, but can assist students from all countries. For You Newcomer Agency  is a reputable company here in Halifax and they can help you find an apartment, get a cell phone, open a bank account, furnish your home, etc. Email for more information. 

Spritely Halifax City Experts can help you explore your new home

  • Intro to public transit system: $50 (2 hours) DescriptionCity Expert will give the client an overview of the transit system within their city. This includes showing the client the most convenient bus routes to and from the residence, work, downtown area etc. City expert will provide the client with a copy of the route map for their city and educate the client on the best way to pay for transit and where to buy bus tickets, passes or tokens. The city expert may also want to give their client an overview of the bus by accompanying client on the bus to a common destination.
  • Provincial ID set up: $50 (2 hours) DescriptionPick up client (ensuring client has a birth certificate and proof of accommodation), take the client to Service Canada, wait in the queue, get provincial ID.
  • Utilities set up: $50 (2 hours) DescriptionCity Expert will research and present a minimum of 3 different service providers to the client. City Expert will help client to set up services of the chosen provider.
  • Furniture shopping: $75 (3 hours) DescriptionRequires a large vehicle. Pick up client, 2 hours of driving. City Expert will spend 1 hour of finding furniture/appliances and help to load/unload purchases into vehicle. Drop off client.

There are also relevant tourism services that would probably be of interest to students once they have settled in:

  • Explore your new city tour: $75 (3 hours) DescriptionCity Expert should pick up client and spend approximately 2.5 hours showing the client city landmarks/popular places to visit/tourist attractions in the city. Drop off client.
  • City culture tour: $75 (3 hours) Description: Pick up client, take client to a minimum of three cultural hubs within the city, (all admission fees to be paid by the client), explain city culture.
  • Restaurants tour: $50 (2 hours) DescriptionCity Expert should spend approximately 2 hours showing clients the variety of great and popular restaurants in the city and familiarizing them with local culture through food and drink. Drop off is included.
  • Entertainment tour: $50 (2 hours) Description: Pick up client, City Expert should spend approximately 1.5 hours showing the locations of different popular nightlife destinations. City expert is not required to leave their vehicle, or wait for client to visit these destinations. (This is solely a driving/walking tour). Drop off client.
  • Nature tour: $75 (3 hours) DescriptionPick up client, take client to the best picturesque nature-filled areas in and around the city for 2.5 hours. Drop off client.
  • Campus tours: $75 (3 hours) DescriptionPick up client, take client to 3 different University/College campuses, deliver tours of the respective campuses. Drop off client.