HLIC has 3 residence homes in various location around Halifax. The prices all vary per home, but you can rest assured you would be place in a clean, safe, friendly, and furnished home; with other HLIC students who are 19+. There is no live in chaperon in these homes, it is all student based.  Our prices vary from $550-$800 per room depending on the residence, as the size of the rooms, location, and size of the house also varies. In this type of arrangement you would live with 4 or 5 other students, and you would all be responsible for making your own food, cleaning the house, and living harmoniously with one another. All your bills like power, heat, water, lights, and wifi are paid for, so that you can focus on your school work and having fun in Canada. The location of these homes are not downtown, and you would need to commute to the school by car, bus, or bike for 15-20 mins each way. After graduation at HLIC, you have the option to continue living in your residence home throughout your university career here in Halifax. Lease agreements are 1 year in length, and tenants insurance is encouraged. Living in these residence homes means you will be well respected as an international student here in Halifax.  If you are interested in living in a HLIC residence home, please inquire directly with homestay@hfxlanguage.ca.

Halifax Language Institute Of Canada