This residence offers single and double occupancy rooms in the heart of downtown Halifax for students who seek high-quality independent living. It is a 10-minute walk to our school and close to Halifax’s desirable waterfront area.

At Granville Hall a live-in Residence Coordinator provides support and assists with language practice and cultural integration. Their spacious design allows students to relax, study or spend time with friends. Each floor is equipped with several washrooms, common areas and a kitchenette, ensuring comfort, privacy and a social environment. Residence Coordinators live in the residence and are available for students 24/7. Granville Hall maintains a safe, secure location with 24-hour video cameras throughout the facility. Key cards are required to access the residence and non-residents are not allowed on site without being accompanied by a resident.

Private Room with Double Occupancy

Each student receives an orientation on their first day in residence. The Residence Coordinator provides new students with a tour of the building and informs them about safety practices and residence services. The Residence Agreement will be explained and the student’s rights and responsibilities will be clarified. Students are encouraged to observe the residence’s rules to have an enjoyable, safe and respectful shared living environment. Students can talk to the Residence Coordinator confidentially at any time. They maintain a positive, respectful and safe environment. Their staff are trained in conflict resolution and effectively address any issues that may arise between students.

Housekeeping services keep all common areas clean and tidy for everyone’s enjoyment. We clean each bedroom and provide a fresh set of clean sheets once a week.

Shared Kitchen

You can use one of the free computers, enjoy high-speed internet, watch a movie on premium HD channels, or join your residence mates on one of many activities organized by our friendly residence staff. Here you can find around 30 students from many different schools around the city, with lots of space to enjoy getting to know one another. Food is not provided, but you can sign up for a meal plan for $350.00 a week if you would like that option.

HLIC students get a discounted rate of $900.00 per month, so please check out their webpage for more information: